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Farms are constantly changing and are becoming more complex every day. With Farming backgrounds, we know what you're dealing with in today's world and we're able to specifically tailor a policy to match any farming operation – no matter the size or complexity. You can choose from many comprehensive Farm Owners insurance policies and each plan can be tailored to suit your individual needs and budget.


We write our farm policies with Ohio Mutual Insurance Group, Goodville Mutual and Mennonite Mutual Insurance Company, which automatically include a full complement of standard features that cover your dwelling, personal property, farm property and other structures. These policies also include liability protection, loss of use and medical payments to others coverage. You may take advantage of higher deductibles, discounts and credits to reduce your insurance premiums, and you can add endorsements to your policy to broaden the protection limits even further.


Save on your premiums with discounts and credit options:

We offer a wide range of options in the selection of deductibles as well as many different discounts and credits, which include:

• Multi-Policy – Insure your home and auto with us and save on your auto and dwelling insurance premiums.

• New Home – Receive a discount if you live in a new home.

• Premises Alarm – Install smoke detectors in your home and this discount will be applied to your premium.

• Sprinkler System Credit – Install and maintain a sprinkler system to get a credit on homeowners premium.

• Pollution Liability – Coverage for bodily injury and property damage that result from the sudden and accidental discharge of pollutants upon land, water, or air.

• Intake of Foreign Objects – Coverage for damage to covered farm machinery that is caused by the intake of rocks or other foreign objects into the covered farm machinery while harvest crops.

• Equipment Breakdown – Coverage intended to cover the cost to repair or replace mechanical, electrical, or pressure systems equipment that breaks down.

• Peak Season Inventory – Provide above-normal amounts of coverage for farm personal property for specific time periods. Useful to provide coverage for grain stored on-site as well as planting input materials (seed, fertilizers, and other chemicals).

• Additional Livestock Perils – The farm policy may be extended to provide coverage for livestock resulting from death caused by freezing in blizzards and death of livestock in confinement buildings resulting from the breakdown of or the interruption of power to equipment that controls the temperature, atmosphere, or movement of air within a building.

• Livestock in the Care of a Common or Contract Carrier

• Livestock in Transit

• Barns, Bins, and Other Structures – These may be insured with special farm coverage and / or on a replacement cost basis.

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Your farm is a big investment – is it completely covered?

Non-Discrimination Statement:

If you have horses, you face a wide variety of exposures that require personalized attention. Whether you own a small ranch with five acres or a large family corporation with thousands of acres, we provide the coverage you need for your home, buildings, farm personal property, and liability under one policy. Our Equine Activities Endorsement provides protection for:

Protect your horses with an Equine Activities Endorsement

• Owned, leased, or borrowed saddle animals

• Breeding operations

• Boarding operations

• Pleasure or show horse training operations

• Riding arena exposures

• Care, custody, and control of non-owned horses