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Based on your individual needs, we'll help you select the right type and amount of insurance coverage to protect against unpredictable, uncontrollable perils like weather, fire, insects, and disease. You can even go a step further with a crop hail policy, which covers hail, fire, lightning, vandalism and malicious mischief, transit, stored grain, and green snap.


Combining a good MPCI policy with a crop hail policy will give you the best protection available. Choose from 2 options for protecting profitability in grain farming.


Work with us to get the best possible policy for your needs and budget

• Multi-peril crop insurance products

• Crop hail insurance

• Named peril insurance

eWeatherRisk is a company which is a bit more flexible in nature versus The Climate Corporation. eWeatherRisk can be written to protect against a lack of rainfall on your hay crop. Another example of its use would be to protect against lost milk production due to extreme temperatures during the summer.


This insurance products is extremely flexible in nature and user friendly. A major difference between the weather insurance and crop insurance is that the price for the weather insurance is constantly changing, whereas with crop insurance, the price remains the same.

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Lock in crop profits with weather insurance options

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